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The web site of KATORI Project (Space-time information platform with a cloud of optical lattice clocks) was started. 【Link】


PRESS: ” Superradiance from Lattice-Confined Atoms inside Hollow Core Fibre” published in Communications Physics, Oct.2019. 【Link】 【Link】 【Link】 【Link】


PRESS: ” Narrow-line Cooling and Determination of the Magic Wavelength of Cd” published in Physical Review Letters, Sep.2019. 【Link】 【Link】 【Link】 【Link】


Katori Laboratory moved to Faculty of Engineering Bilg. 9 in Yayoi campus. Please see the link. 【Link】


Kick-off meeting; JST MIRAI Large Project, “Space-time information platform with a cloud of optical lattice clocks”, starting from Nov. 2018, was held at Koshiba Hall in March 28th, 2019.


PRESS: ”Operational Magic Intensity for Sr Optical Lattice Clocks” published in Physical Review Letters, Dec.2018. 【Link】 【Link】 【Link】 【Link】 【Link】

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Main Research

(1)Development of highly accurate/-precise frequency standard using optical lattice clocks.

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(2)Coherent atom control by atom-chip and/or atom IC

(3)Generation of Quantum entanglement by cooled atom

On research (1), we aim to achieve clock precision at 18-digit, and examine the constancy and time-fluctuation of physical constants based on our original idea of "Optical Lattice Clock". Research (2) and (3) aim to substitute conventional electronics with quantum electronics for creating new information processing systems, and we are carrying out research to realize quantum computer.

Right image: Strontium atom cluster cooled and captured by magneto-optical trap.
Fluorescence from ten-million atoms cooled down to mili-Kelvin temperature can be seen at the centerof the image.


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