ERATO International Workshop "Challenges in Precision Science" has finished
Thank you very much for participation !

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Recent revolutionary progress in quantum metrology has enabled us to measure physical quantities with hitherto unexplored precision, which allows us to explore new horizon in physics and novel interdisciplinary applications.

ERATO International Workshop: Challenges in Precision Science brings together scientists working in the field of quantum metrology with cold atoms and lasers and in the other fields to promote mutual discussions on dealing with the future challenges with the-state-of-the-art “PRECISION.”

We welcome your participation to the workshop and discussions.


  • Precision Measurements with Cold Atoms, Ions and Molecules
  • Optical Lattice Clocks
  • New Development in Lasers and Atom Manipulations
  • Relativistic Geodesy
  • Test of Fundamental Physics
  • Challenges for New Physics

(Invited talks and posters)


Hidetoshi Katori (The University of Tokyo & RIKEN)
Masao Takamoto (RIKEN)
Tetsushi Takano (The University of Tokyo)
Noriaki Ohmae (The University of Tokyo)

Lab Tour

Lab tour to ERATO Innovative Space-time Project at RIKEN is planned in the afternoon on 27th January.

Cryogenic Sr/Yb clocks operated at Riken Lab.


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