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Application date2016/1/28
Invention nameOptical Lattice Clock at Operational Magic Frequency and Method for Operation the Same
InventorHidetoshi Katori
Application numberPCT/JP2016/053599, US15547481, EP3251183
Publication numberWO2016/122001
Patent numberEP2887466, JP6206973
Application date2015/1/30
Invention nameOperational Magic Frequency to Tailor Lattice Light Shift
InventorHidetoshi Katori
Application number特願2015-016480
Publication number
Patent number
Application date2013/8/12
Invention nameOptical lattice clock, Clock device and laser light source
InventorHidetoshi Katori
Application numberPCT/JP2013/071795
EP2887466 A1, US20150194972 A1
Publication numberWO2014/027637
Patent numberUS9553597 B2, EP2887466 B1, 特許第6206973号